14th Annual Summit | March 23-25, 2015

Setting strong foundational elements of employee engagement and CSR programs are critical if these programs are to succeed in this time of rapid and continuous evolution. Where are engagement programs headed today and in the near future, and how can we enable transformation to take best advantage of them? The 2015 Summit will focus on these two pillars: the proven foundational tools and what innovations are around the bend – tomorrow and beyond.

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14th Annual Summit | March 23-25, 2015

America’s Charities mission is to develop the spirit of caring and sharing at the workplace. We do this by providing employers and employees with efficient, effective, low-cost workplace charitable giving campaigns; offering a broad range of charity choices that reflect the diversity of the American people; and providing member charities with the financial resources required to meet human service needs.

America’s Charities

CHC’s membership is made up of more than 60 of America’s most recognized health charities.  We work together to raise charitable contributions in the workplace. Employee donations are used to support CHC member charities who provide research, patient services and outreach programming in local communities.

Community Health Charities

EarthShare is a national non-profit that’s worked for more than 20 years to connect people and organizations with effective ways to support critical environmental causes. With your help we’ve raised more than $260 million for programs that care for our air, land, water, wildlife and public health — in your community, across the U.S. and around the world!


Established in 1956, Global Impact provides organizations and donors with effective ways to give to causes, regions and crises throughout the world. Global Impact delivers a wide range of giving solutions through an alliance of globally focused charities, management of two of the world’s largest workplace giving campaigns and partnerships to meet the needs of organizations and donors. Their expertise, business acumen and efficiency ensure that charitable gifts are put to work to help others. Since their founding, Global Impact has generated more than $1.3 billion for people in need.

Global Impact